Elementary Program

also known (in Singapore) as the
Primary school Program

The elementary program is designed to meet the intellectual, psychological and physical needs of the 6-12 years old child. 

6 To 12 Years Old

The classroom is a mixed age group. Our children will discover how concepts (in-class curriculum) and real world experiences (going-out curriculum) are interrelated through literacy, geometry, geography, history, math, biology, art, practical life and music.


“Since it has been seen to be necessary to give so much to the child, let us give him a vision of the whole universe. The universe as an imposing reality, and answer to all questions” – Dr. Maria Montessori.

The Teacher RATIO For
elementary CLASS



 Community & Project Work:
The child will learn to prepare, organize and follow-up on project and field work.

 Abstract & Imagine Area:
The ability to find the interconnectedness within the different academic areas presented.

 Grace and Courtesy:
The mixed age group class setting is a mini-society of sorts. Here, the children are engaged to identify oneself as part of this society.


  • math
  • oral
  • written (journals, short stories and descriptions, essays and reports) 
  • art​
  • music
  • movement

Academic subjects

Each subject stipulated in this picture is part of the curriculum which will be presented as an technical lesson, group lesson and one-one lesson. The aim of this curriculum is to build understanding of the interrelations (green lines) between the different subjects. While the understanding of this interrelations will be actualized and practiced during the community & project work. 

The Academic and Examination Board

The individuals listed below are members of the Academic and Examination Boards, entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring teaching quality and contributing to the evolution of examination and assessment processes.

Miranda Wong Bei Yi

Miranda boasts over a decade of experience in the education sector. She earned her Early Childhood Education Diploma in 2011 and embarked on her journey as an educator. In 2012, she pursued studies in Montessori at MMI Academy and successfully achieved her 3-6 AMI Teaching Certificate in 2021. Miranda furthered her education by completing the Lower Elementary Diploma course at NAMC in 2022.

Sarah Jane Binny

With over 15 years of experience in Montessori education, Sarah began her career as a Montessori Teacher and later transitioned into the role of a curriculum specialist. She excelled in developing Montessori Curriculum and ensuring quality control in teaching. Sarah’s leadership roles expanded to include school management, where she served as a team lead and acting principal.

Hannah Tong Yan

Hannah holds a Master’s Degree in Chinese Language Teaching and boasts a 20-year teaching career. Commencing as a Kindergarten teacher, she progressed to become a college teacher, providing training for other educators in Chinese Language. In 2018, Hannah pursued and completed the AMI Montessori 0-3 course in Beijing and Taipei, marking the beginning of her journey in Montessori education.


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