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INNO Montessori admits children from 18 months to 6 years old in either half day or full day programme and does not discriminate. It is important that all new families participate in a tour of our school facilities. During the tour, you will see the classrooms in operation and appreciate the whole Montessori education offering from 1.5 years old to 6 years of age.

In deciding to enroll a child in the school, parents / caregivers are encouraged to make an appointment with the directors to visit the program.

Throughout this tour session, the Montessori guide will introduce the environment and explain details of programme provided.  It would be preferable for the child to be present for the visit.

Once the tour is completed and a decision to enroll a child has been made, a completed and signed application form with payment of the registration fee will assure your child’s placement.

It is recommended to use the Schedule Appointment calendar to book an appointment. Parents are able to see the available slots in this calendar. 

Alternatively, appointment can to be arranged through the office by phoning +65 6634 0922 
or email to, or online booking by filling in the information in contact form on this page below.


INNO Montessori receives children from 18 months to 6 years old in either half day or full day.

In deciding to enroll your child, parents/caregivers are advised to make an appointment with the school.

During this tour, parents/caregivers will get a glimpse of the learning environment and activities. It is conducted when the classrooms are in operation so as to experience the Montessori Education. The tour also allows parents/caregivers to better understand the program structure.

Upon completion of the school tour, parents/caregivers can get further information on the enrollment process.

Registration & Admission


To register
parents will be required to complete a registration form and submit the necessary document: 

A copy of your child’s birth certificate 
A copy of health booklet 
immunization record 
A copy of parents’ identity card Parent’s and child’s entry, re-entry permit, green card or passport (foreigners only) 
A copy of Mother’s letter of Employment 
 Fee payable for start-up would include one-month deposit (refundable on withdrawal), first month school fee, registration fee, annual insurance, purchase of uniforms, etc.

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 Appointment Timings:
Monday through to Friday from 9:30am–4:30pm
 To make an appointment, use the Schedule Appointment calendar

 or call +65 6634 0922 or email to 
 Alternatively, fill up the form below.