The INNO Montessori believes that children are like creatures in the Ocean which are on an exploration journey of love, knowledge and happiness. Every child is like a unique member of the Ocean. They might be a little seashell on the beach, a clownfish playing with the sea anemone, or a dolphin jumping in the water. Here is a wonderland in which they can develop their imagination and creativity, which is provided at a high standard and a reasonable cost.

The INNO Montessori combines the concept of Montessori and Orff Schulwerk to help the children develop their interests and skills in life, giving them an experience to develop body and mind, and setting a solid foundation for living, learning, and becoming a part of society. Our children are only young once, and it is our responsibility to provide the best to our children. Our mission is to cultivate the children’s curiosity, allowing them to learn from self exploration.