INNO Montessori accepts children from 18 months to 6 years old in either Half Day or Whole Day and does not discriminate on any basis.

At INNO Montessori, our children are challenged to their maximum potential in a creative, stimulating and supportive learning environment led by a team of dedicated Montessori trained teachers with a hands-on Montessori approach.

Our school Teachers are AMI/AMS Montessori trained, which aim to deliver the most genuine Montessori teaching to develop our children’s knowledge and skills.

The enrichment classes are conducted by course experts who are specialized in the teaching area. This is to guarantee the quality of result. Some courses are conducted by our external partners.

We commit to providing quality education and we warmly welcome you to experience the learning magic for yourselves!

IMG_0019_副本 (2) Infants & Toddlers

1.5 -3 YEAR OLDS

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Who is the 1.5 – 3 child?
Toddler IC Classrooms
Montessori Independent Toddler Community


Children’s House


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Who is the 3 – 6 year old child?
Children’s House CASA  Classrooms
A Day in a Children’s House Classroom
Curriculum for 3 – 6 Year olds

Enrichment Programmes

1.5 -6 YEAR OLDS

Totts Golf (free of charge)
Speech and drama