Principal Message

Dear Parents

Welcome to Inno Montessori Preschool.  Apart from providing the best child care services, Inno Montessori is all set to lay a strong foundation for children to develop holistically in a conducive environment. Our Montessori environment is planned and designed to help children develop within themselves, the habits, attitudes, and skills all, which lay the foundation for a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.

The highlights of Montessori philosophy are the elements of Respect and Courtesy. These elements become the core of human personality and as such, children will get to learn to be courteous to one another, how to tidy up after themselves, how to help others and a host of other grace and courtesy habits that propel them towards independence.

As children develop these foundational habits, our Montessori curriculum will bring out each and every child’s potentials in the areas of language/literacy and numeracy. They will journey along a path of discovery and experience the ‘aha’ moments which will enhance their learning.

Our Montessori teachers are all geared up to nurture, support and guide children each and every day. Your child’s Montessori preschool experience will prove to be productive in our stimulating environment.  We would be honoured to have your children with us. Welcome once again!


Ms. Usha

School Principal

Inno Montessori Preschool