About Us

About Our School | Montessori Philosophy

Inno Montessori Preschool is Singapore’s only school officially recognized by the American Montessori Society!

Serving children aged 18 months to 6 years, our dedicated team of experienced teachers are excited to offer families the opportunity to experience an authentic Montessori environment.

Traditional Montessori curriculum including English and Chinese language, literacy, mathematics, geography, art, science, music, and practical life skills is enriched with options such as golfing, Kidsmoove, Aikido, Hi-Art, music, and speech and drama.

Bilingual immersion classes are led by native-speaking English and Chinese teachers, all credentialed by one of the major Montessori organization, AMI or AMS.

Our Vision:

To be the most genuine Montessori preschool.

Our Mission:

To prepare kids with a jump start in creative and critical thinking skills.

Our Method:

Montessori, Music & Open-ended Stories teaching.